Made with Xara Web Designer WE ARE BACK!!!! After a long and very challenging 13 Months we are finally allowed to start again!! We’ve missed you SOOOOO much.  Fun zooms are OK but theres nothing like the real thing and we cant wait to see you all !! We will still be adhering to social distancing government ruling but the times of classes will remain the same.  Please see our facebook page for details. CHANGE OF VENUE FROM 24 OCT 2020 (TEMPORARY) Inman Pavillion, Moorland Drive, Stocksbridge, S36 1EG JUST SOME OF OUR 2019 EVENTS BELOW: Halloween Spooktacular Performance - Fox Valley 2019 Brilliant performances from our spooky ghosties and all looked amazing and grooved your spooky moves!! Dance Review October 2019 What an amazing evening!! Danced their socks off....such inspirational children keeping fit, active, having fun and becoming amazing dancers - very proud of you all!!! look forward to next year for our 30th anniversary!! Dancing Town 2019!! Yes thats right, we were part of Barnsley’s week of dance - performing along with many brilliant dance schools and the amazing Geroge Sampson at Mandella Gardens (Barnsley - it was an amazing evening!!