Made with Xara Web Designer CHRISTMAS PARTY TIME!!!- YEYYYY Saturday 15th December 2018 check out our pics of the best party in the world ever!! .... see you all back at dancing on Saturday 5th January 2019 raring to go!!!!! RECENTLY Fox Valley Halloween Event 2018 Well done to everyone who took part in our 20 minute performance at fox were amazing in your spooky outfits scaring the audience with our scary routines!! What an honour to be the dance school chosen to do this!!....Well done kids 2018 DANCE REVIEW - 21 October 18 What an amazing evening!!  Well done to everyone!! You all danced brilliantly and showed all your parents, relatives and friends how great you really are!! Check our our pictures of the winners! Dancing Town 2018!! Yes thats right, we were part of Barnsley’s week of dance - performing on Tuesday 14 August 2018 along with many brilliant dance schools and the fantastic Britains Got Talent finalists ‘Flawless’ at Mandella Gardens(Barnsley Civic) - it was an amazing evening!! Gala Season 2018 Well gala season is now complete!!.  What am amazing summer we have had.  You should all be very proud of yourselves performing in such heat and still with big smiles on your faces.  Check out our pics on here and much more on our facebook page.  Bring on 2019!! REFRESHMENTS AVAILABLE EVERY SATURDAY!  So why not sit, have a relax and a cup of tea or hot chocolate in our waiting room. Or quench your thurst with an ice pop after class - ONLY 20P each